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Coach for Life

Have you ever wanted to find a career that you’re truly passionate about and doesn’t really feel like “work”?

Have you wondered which career would be the best fit for your personality, skills and abilities?

Do you feel unhappy or “stuck” in your current job? Are you ready to aim higher and go for that “dream” promotion?

If yes, life coaching may help you discover how to change the course of your career.



Life coaching is a type of coaching, or counseling, which is used to help people through major transition phases in their lives. Life coaches help people plan goals and then take steps toward those goals, placing them on their path to success.

While increasingly popular in the West, life coaching is very new to Cambodia, with top executives mostly using it to enhance their skills and adjust career goals. However, the concept is available to anyone. Life coaching focuses on more than just your job, placing it in the context of what role your work plays in your overall life. Much like a coach of a sporting team, a life coach will identify and optimise your strengths, increasing the likelihood of success.

A life coach has the benefit of analysing your situation from an unbiased point of view, and aside from helping you map out your career, will help maximise your productivity, improve your conflict resolution skills, build your self-confidence and create awareness of the personal obstacles blocking your success.

The first step for a life coach is to conduct an in-depth interview to assess your wants, needs and career and life goals. From this interview, they will begin to develop a plan based on your strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and limitations, while also taking into consideration your culture, morals and values. The focus is very much on matching aptitudes and personality traits to occupational interests, and finding the optimum career that will allow you to work to your strengths and interests, develop your skills and experience and continue to learn in a role that you enjoy. Life coach will also help you to overcome the same fears – of change, of failure – that keep you from stepping outside your comfort zone.

Coaching will also discover your “blind spots,” the areas in your life where, no matter how successful you are, are a recurring source of frustrations or have simply been glossed over and normalised. Your coach will support you unconditionally, even when you doubt yourself, to move your life and career forward by illuminating these hidden traits.

You can begin life coaching sessions now, either face-to face, by phone, Skype or even email. It can be tailored toward a achieving a specific, short-term goal, or it can be an ongoing process of general enhancement and keeping yourself “on-track” with your overall career plan. Either way, we all need guidance and someone there to “cheer us on” from time to time; that can only be a positive thing.

Find your career coach in Cambodia

  • Lotus Counseling & Life Coaching | Siem Reap | 099 702 319 Phnom Penh
  • Hypnosis | Phnom Penh | 012 342 743
  • Indio International | Phnom Penh | 093 788 149

The estimated cost for one session is around $20-$25


Words by Jessica Sander |Shutterstock