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Pierre Rabotin from Branderz, which recently completed the rebranding of the Blue Pumpkin, talks about the importance of businesses creating an online identity.










Businesses who aren’t online and utilising social media, what are they missing out on?
Businesses that are not using social media marketing (SMM) are not maximising their potential to grow brands, increase awareness, connect to target markets, build a customer base, reduce costs, generate higher revenues and stay fresh. They are missing out on a lot. Also, if social media is not built into the marketing budget, they are likely not maximising their customer reach. Social media marketing gives invaluable customer feedback on how products or services are regarded in the marketplace, which allows you to modify what you are selling to suit the market. SMM gives you direct dialogue with customers, allowing you to build relationships and trust.

How important is it for businesses to have a defined social media strategy?
Without a clear, smart and well-defined SMM strategy, your business may be taking shots in the dark. Developed, focused SMM strategies and tactics provide businesses with achievable targets and goals. Those goals, often easily trackable, built into your business strategies, along with Key Performance Indicators and other measurable goals, help to monitor and maintain your entire business strategy and help to keep it on track. SMM as a tool should be woven into your overall marketing strategy.

What is the biggest trend in social media for businesses right now?
It may come as a surprise but Google+ is actually returning to the spotlight. Professional marketers understand the power of the platform to support your website activity, and by using Google+ effectively your website can rise on the Google search ladder without spending more on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Increasing competition on social media has also
caused a rise in creativity. Also, Facebook has recently changed its settings to make your friends’ posts more prominent than postings by business pages. That means businesses need to increase their spending on advertising to capture more attention. Most brands have responded creatively to ensure their followers remain engaged. And if you don’t have a unique idea, goofy cat videos will be a trend for a while longer.


Photograph by Nick Sells