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Think New ASEAN! Rethinking Marketing Towards ASEAN Economic Community

Think-New-ASEANAuthor: Philip KOTLER, Hermawan KARTAJAYA & Hooi Den HUAN
Publication date: November 2014
Monument Books price: $30.50

In the eye-opening bestseller Think ASEAN!, marketing gurus Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya and Hooi Den Huan presented tactics for businesses to engage empowered and well-informed customers in ASEAN. This second, extensively revised edition brings marketers up to date with new strategies for the changing lifestyle, needs and wants of ASEAN consumers. Specifically targeted at business people and marketers in the ASEAN region, the book uses examples from leading companies to help readers come to grips with the current transformations and developments. Learn how the likes of Apple, Kinokuniya, Samsung, Procter & Gamble and Honda develop strategies to operate successfully in the new market and generate enormous support from loyal customers. Whether in manufacturing, retail, or service, businesses will gain from insights provided by the featured case studies which, in turn, will inspire them to develop appropriate tactics to face future challenges in the region.