About Us

Targeting the Cambodian business community, MANAGEMENT INSIDER aims to explore management theories, present the most outstanding business concepts and happenings, and introduce professionals with groundbreaking ideas.

The magazine will be published in English with the mission to keep it accessible for readers who are not native speakers. Our reporters are highly experienced and have worked for leading national and international press. To reach Cambodia’s business community, the MANAGEMENT INSIDER will be strategically placed at numerous public and business spaces in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.



The Publisher

Saint Blanquat & A. is Cambodia’s premier Human Resources & Management Consultancy. Our services are designed to strengthen your business through talent, performance and business development.

From Middle-Management to Executive search, HR Consulting or Business Consulting – We reflect your cross-cultural work environment and our approach is completely confidential.

Our consultants are a mixture of high-level professionals, both Cambodian and expatriate, with a broad diversity of educational and occupational backgrounds. We have worked in international contexts and have strong experience in human resources and project management.

Our clients are cross multiple industries, including public sector and government institutions, private organisations, development partners and non-governmental organisations.