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Head of Risk and Legal Compliance
Phnom Penh
Salary Range: $1,500
Summary of Position

A micro-finance in Cambodia is looking for a Head of Risk and Legal Compliance who will be in charge of coordinating the legal affairs, an effective integrated risk management, and compliance management, administration of company’s legal documents and testament, and secretarial affairs. He/she will be based in Phnom Penh.
Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. Ensure an effective and integrated risk management:

-Develop the risk management policy and keep it up-to-date
-Develop the internal risk procedures, tools, and structures
-Embed risk management function to all departments and units
-Compile risk information and facilitate the RMC meeting on a regular basis
-Conduct risk management workshops with all management based on the risk management framework
-Lead the Risk and Control Self-Assessment initiative as directed by the RMC
-Coordinate with all external resources regarding risk management reporting, and communication, as required
-Report to the RMC on the status of risks, compliance, and corrective actions taken.

2. Coordinate the legal and compliance affairs:

-Regularly compile and update Board and management on changes in Cambodia’s laws and regulations, including an assessment of compliance costs, risks, and action plan to reduce and mitigate these
-Perform compliance tasks in relation to NBC licensing and registration as well as other
-Government bodies including but not limited to taxation agencies, ministry of commerce, ministry of labor, ministry of economy and finance, local authorities in provincial, district, and commune levels, etc.
-Work closely with company’s lawyer to execute various legal awareness initiatives amongst relevant management and staff, provide legal counseling, process civil/criminal complaints, and coordinate processes in relation to loan resolutions outside of judicial procedures (i.e. sending of letters from the legal firm to the delinquent partners, etc.)
-Work closely with branches, provincial offices, and relevant departments related to legal issues, and resolve these accordingly
-Develop, review, and update various business contracts within company including but not limited to employment, partnerships & MoUs, loan services, collateral/mortgage, funding contracts, etc.
-Act as focal person and ensure continued and fruitful business relationships with all relevant government entities.

3. Accountable for the AML/CFT:

-Take lead in implementation of policies for AML/CFT measures
-Come up with the appropriate AML/CFT procedures including customer acceptance policy, customer due diligence, record keeping, on-going monitoring, reporting of suspicious transactions and combating the financing of terrorism are implementing effectively
-Perform regular assessment of the AML/CFT mechanisms to ensure that the mechanisms are sufficient to address the changing trends
-Oversee the channel of communication from the respective employees to the compliance officer is secured and that any information is kept confidential
-Ensure compliance with the AML/CFT legal and regulatory requirements
-Provide training to all employees so that they are aware of AML/CFT measures including policies, control mechanisms and channels of reports to ensure the effectiveness of such measures
-Be responsible for the identification of money laundering and financing of terrorism risks associated with new products or services or arising from the reporting entity’s operational changes, including the introduction of new technology and processes.

4. Arrange and administer staff testament:

-Initiate, update, and administer company’s staff testaments to ensure testaments of all of staff are completed in a timely manner, updated, and properly filed
-Ensure proper administration of such testaments, including safeguarding confidentiality

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