© Photography by Matt Blomberg

ANZ CEO Leonie Lethbridge Leaves Cambodia

Just over a one-year period as the head of ANZ Royal Bank, its Chief Executive Officer, Leonie Lethbridge, has resigned from her position last Friday, June 16th 2017. Her next step is set to take place in the Middle East, however neither her exact destination nor her future position have been revealed. ANZ Royal Bank will soon issue a statement on the situation. Since her departure, the Chief Operating Officer has taken over her responsibilities until a new Chief Executive Officer will be appointed by the Australian-Cambodian joint venture. Leonie Lethbridge’s resignation will also affect the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia as she is the President of the committee. A formal announcement from the chamber is expected to take place as well.

Since her studies in Melbourne and Sydney, the rise of Leonie Lethbridge within the ranks of ANZ has been quick and successful. Her knowledge of the Asian banking sector gave her the possibility to export her capacities to China, Indonesia and finally Cambodia where she became the CEO of ANZ Royal Bank. In addition to her positions at ANZ and AusCham, Ms. Lethbridge is also a Board Member of the International Business Chamber of Cambodia and of the Association of Banks of Cambodia.